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Article by Ruth-Ellen Weirsma

This month it is a privilege to spotlight and introduce Linda Commito, author of Love Is the New Currency. Out of her own discouragement from the world’s displayed negativity, Linda set out to find peace, balance and hope by penning other people’s stories of how they shared their kindness and compassion.

Through a rich and inspiring collection of stories, Linda’s book gives us an opportunity to look at love differently . . . as currency. Everyday people exchanging extraordinary acts of love and kindness to others; not only life changing for the receiver (the loved), but also the giver (the lover). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if an attitude of love and kindness would be used as easily as the dollar bill slips through our hands?   Through her combined professional and personal experiences, read what Linda shares about what it means to be healthy.

Linda begins with a unique world-view through the eyes of a child, which later helps realize her definition of health and wellness. Growing up in an Italian family, Linda shares how she lived in her Grandparent’s six family home. The importance of family for her was inevitable when sharing meals together and gathering fresh food from the garden were commonplace, while deeply connecting with family and friends regularly.

love is the new currencyWhen asked her definition of health and how her experiences influence this definition it is no wonder Linda continues to describe healthy as more than diet and exercise (she is a pescatarian and exercises at least three times a week). She continues to say that it is also a “balance of mind, body and spirit; a sense of well being that includes an attitude of gratitude and a deep connection to friends and family.”

Linda confirms her definition of what it means to be healthy when asked to describes a time when she felt at her best. Happily for those of us not getting younger (which is everyone) she describes how she is feeling at her best right now. Coming to terms with the aging process, Linda uses terms like “peace with herself,” “contentment.”   “A critical piece is having the time to be there for friends and family and also have time to follow my passions,” Linda shares.

Treating others out of love and respect is definitely a theme that has developed through my interview with Linda. What about ourselves, does that matter? When Linda was asked if she sees a connection with loving other people and self care or self talk, her answer is yes. “If we’re not loving to ourselves and able to talk to ourselves with love and kindness than it’s hard to do that for anyone else.”

As a result of her journey in writing Love Is the New Currency, Linda has discovered a better view of the world. In her closing comment Linda encourages us by saying, “We can all be empowered by the choices we make. Good and bad things happen to all of us. It’s really how we choose to see them and how we choose to respond to them that make a difference. We have the opportunity to choose well and to choose health.”

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