Are Relationships Going to the Dogs?

My goal in life is to be as good a person as
my dog already thinks I am.

Do you long to experience an unconditional love relationship?

Despite our disillusionment over the years, perhaps deep down many of us are still holding out hope for “The One” – the ideal person who will make us feel special, listen to us, comfort us when we feel sad and lonely, take care of us when we’re sick, greet us when we come home, be our best friend, and always believe the best about us.unconditional love relationships

We may have thought we’d found that partner, some of us may have even married him or her. And we thought it would last forever – but forever is a long time and people change. Perhaps we’ve become disenchanted; desirous, but less hopeful, of finding someone to share our lives with.

Where can we find that unconditional love, that consistency in our lives? Anyone who has deeply loved their canine companions can talk to you about unconditional love. Dogs have been devoted to humans for centuries. They were domesticated to be our best friend, ally….and over time that relationship has evolved. Dogs sometimes become surrogate children, friends, family, and partners. They listen with total attention, give affection liberally, love us no matter what we do or don’t do, and even comfort us when we experience sadness or loss. And they inspire us to great love.

My friend Paula Montana, an advocate for dogs of all shapes and conditions – she adopted a three legged dog, Opie, who became the ‘love of her life,’ and fostered a one-eyed, single toothed Chihuahua (beautiful only in her eyes) – asked me, “Why can’t I love human beings like I do my dog?” Paula laughingly answered her own question, “Oh, it’s because they don’t talk. They don’t argue with us.” We couldn’t argue with that one! And we came up with other qualities that we both have discovered in our dogs: they offer total devotion and unconditional love.

“So,” I asked, “how can we be more like dogs?” Paula replied, “Be in the moment. What would it mean if we Read More

Live Your Passion and You Will Change the World

Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
– Howard Thurman

 What is it that enlivens you, that you find joy in expressing, and that you would do for free because it’s what nourishes you and gives meaning and fulfillment to your life? Most of us feel fortunate when we have such a passion—that quality of aliveness and intensity.

For some people it might be their job, for some a creative endeavor, and for others, it is in giving. People who are passionate about giving respond to the needs of others as to a calling. They are as committed and Live Your Passiongenerous in their expressions of love and kindness as someone else might be about offering their gifts as an artist, writer, or teacher.

One time, I took a drawing class taught by an artist who told us: “I HAVE TO draw! I draw on anything that is available to me—paper bags, the back of a baseball ticket, a receipt … wherever I am.”

When we think of the people who have truly inspired us, they are most likely the people who did what they did because it was “who they are” and they couldn’t stop doing it. What would our lives be like without such inspiration?

What is it that makes you excited to start your day? What feeds your soul? What excites you so much that you forget to look at the clock and then are shocked Read More

Kindness Starts With Me

Kindness Starts With Me | Advancing Compassion ProjectA Model for Engaging Elementary School Children in a Lifestyle of Kindness

Learning compassion, much like learning a language, is easiest and most effective when it starts early. Advancing Compassion Project is helping to launch an innovative program that could serve as a model for elementary schools, helping students to think about kindness in their own lives, and use it to help build a better world.

Kindness Starts With Me is being developed by Linda Commito, author of “Love is the New Currency,” and a former elementary school teacher. Its objective couldn’t be more timely, as Linda noted: “When so much attention in the news has been focused on the effects of bullying, teaching a kindness lifestyle reinforces and inspires children to be kinder, more loving and accepting.” From working with kids, she also realized the importance of involving them directly in the development of the kindness project – and she decided to design and test the program with a group of students at a Title One public school working with underprivileged youth…Read More About This Project…


The “Kindness Starts With Me” Website Has Launched!

Kindness Starts With Me by Linda CommitoBe sure to visit the site and share it with a friend!

Please support the continuation of this children’s kindness program. All donations to the Kindness Starts With Me project are greatly appreciated!

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Linda Commito author of Love is the New Currency

      Staff Reports
      Redstone Review  
      Lyons, Colorado
      August 14th/September 18, 2013 edition

No matter where we turn, we hear stories about how bad it is “out there.” Linda Commito’s award winningLove Is the New Currency is a book about how good it is “in here” – inside the circle of love, compassion, and human connection that is created when we open our hearts to each other. The author has been on a passionate quest for the past three years to document stories of people who are making positive changes in simple, yet extraordinary ways.  In this book, she explores what everyday people are finding hopeful in their lives and what they are doing to create it.    Read More…

“Celebrate Kindness”


What does kindness look like?  The students of Alta Vista Elementary School created “Kindness Quilts,” comprised of hundreds of individual portraits of kindness, demonstrating unique expressions of kindness at home and at school, as well as ways to be caring to animals, to the planet, and to oneself.

A celebration launch party was held on the evening of April 3rd at Selby Library with about 140 people in attendance. Sarasota’s Mayor Atwell acknowledged these students for the inspiring ways they focus on being kind every day.    Read More…



Kindness Starts With Me by Linda Commito

Kindness Starts With Me

To support children’s acts of kindness go to  Facebook.Com/KindnessStartsWithMe


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We don’t need money to contribute to the well-being of others. Intangible gifts of the heart – laughter, joy, gratitude, kindness buskindness or simply withholding judgment – can be a currency of love that offers immeasurable service.

Have you seen the Kindness Bus?  Here’s one man’s amazing journey to make a  difference.

What is your “currency of love” and how are you sharing it with others?    

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Seeking stories about kids performing acts of kindness!

Children's Story's Love Is the New Currency

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