Reader Comments

“Your book was well-written and inspirational to the Nth degree.”


“Thank you for that most interesting book! It was VERY uplifting.”

What a delightful collection of short inspiring positive stories. Linda’s book is like a steaming cup of good coffee. You enjoy the book with every “sip”. And every page awakens in me hope that the world is a great place to be in after all!”

Sheetal from Urban Ashram in India

Hi Linda, I have purchased your book at Elysian Fields, and am loving it! What a joy to read. It’s inspirational and uplifting and touching. I feel better after each chapter that I read. I wish you much success with it’s distribution. Don’t forget…I want mine signed by you!! 🙂

Hugs, Nancy

What a phenomenal video! Linda reminds us all about the value of kindness and how even the smallest act can have the biggest impact on others. I have Linda’s book and the stories are uplifting, inspiring and life-affirming. Sharing acts of kindness and unconditional love with others are wonderful ways of spreading more light, peace, and joy in the world. Thank you, Linda, for making a huge difference in the lives of others and encouraging us to do the same.


“Linda: Read your beautiful book! A wonderful, positive contribution to our world. Congratulations!”

Joan Kaplan

I pick up your book often…and I reread different parts…It helps me to remember the real reason I’m here….thank you for sharing all your Love and experiences with us all!!!!xoxox

Sue Anne Rogers Cinnamon

I LOVE your book! I told a number of people about it and how wonderful I thought it was. I shifted throughout the whole thing; I could feel the energy around the stories you shared, and have even gotten the book out since I read it the first time to remember the things you’ve talked about. I even paid for stuff at a couple Starbucks when I was there! Not sure how long it lasted, but I felt great. I feel great talking about it now too! =)


I won your book at a drawing in Venice FL last April. I just got around to reading it. I loved this book. You are a talented writer. I will keep this book in mind and be more thoughtful every day. Today I was kind to the checkout person in WalMart!

Thank you so much.

Eleanor Curcio

Letter written by Eleanor to Ocean City MD Library newsletter:

I was at a book signing in Florida and I put my name in a drawing and won this book. Good thing – because I just loved reading it.

I did not read it right away because is it a “how to live” book. Not another with the same message!

Well this book changed my life. Ms. Commito writes very well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her and will spread the love. Look at and see what I mean.

What a phenomenal video! Linda reminds us all about the value of kindness and how even the smallest act can have the biggest impact on others. I have Linda’s book and the stories are uplifting, inspiring and life-affirming. Sharing acts of kindness and unconditional love with others are wonderful ways of spreading more light, peace, and joy in the world. Thank you, Linda, for making a huge difference in the lives of others and encouraging us to do the same.

Jane Keil Yoder

Linda’s gift is that she finds poignant examples of the giving in everyday life and eloquently writes about them in ways that coax us to open our eyes and see how we too can help spread the rich Currency of Love.

Michael H.

I am finding your book very interesting and such a positive way to encourage and motivate others in the direction of good works. A wonderful contribution.


Hi Linda,

First I would like to say you are a special person. Your mom should be proud which I’m sure she is.

Secondly, you have a wonderful gift of writing. You have the ability to take a story and you are able to add depth, color, and flavor to the story. Your warmth and passion for telling a story comes through.

It is hard to put in a few words how I felt reading your book. As I gave life to a few that day, you too are giving new life and hope to others that so badly need to hear and feel it.

Linda, running at a loaded shotgun takes only a few seconds, what you do is the on-going helping of others through your writings. YOU ARE THE REAL HERO!!!!!!!!!!

God bless you LINDA for doing what you do!  I am putting forth great effort in spreading the word of this book. It is a must read for everyone! Thanx again!

DAVID Camacho

Linda, I love your book. You put so much of yourself into it. What a wonderful job. It inspires me! Peg Schweikert

Linda’s gift is that she finds poignant examples of the giving in everyday life and eloquently writes about them in ways that coax us to open our eyes and see how we too can help spread the rich Currency of Love.  – MH

When asked how long it took her to read Love Is the New Currency, Dottie Dugan said, “You want to know? I started it one night and finished it the next morning. I couldn’t put it down.”By the way I LOVE your book! I am on chapter two – Universal heart.

It’s a very touching story. It is a GREAT book!!! I’m looking forward to read more. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Your new Friend, Wanda

“Hello Linda, I wanted to say I TRULY enjoyed your book and say to those who haven’t read it, READ IT!! It is a well written book and hopefully those that do read it will see how easy it is to do that one little something that can make a difference. ”

Meredith Booker

“It’s a pretty damn good book!”


“Love Is the New Currency has been an inspiration for me to do the right thing and help others.”


Linda, your book is beautiful.  It made me cry.  It’s so wonderful to focus on the all the good people and deeds, especially during these difficult times.  Thanks for including me. Sandy

Hi Linda,

Happy Fourth of July weekend. I wanted you to know I have just finished reading every word of Love is the New Currency and I take my hat off to you. Beautifully done! I have (carefully) distributed 3 of the 6 copies I ordered, each gratefully received. Lucy, author

“Thanks Linda. Good luck with your new book. I see everyone walking around with a copy”


Linda, I’ve started reading Love Is the New Currency.  The introduction is wonderful and so well written; and the first stories (I’m just in Chapter One) are beautiful.  I’ve been reading a little bit in the morning to help set the tone for my day. Steve


I continue to read Love Is the New Currency; I’m impressed with how easily it flows from one moment to the next, from one story to another.  So clearly written and accessible, it moves with an energy that’s unmistakable to me.  I feel uplifted as I read it, and I’m sure that’s a common experience for others.  There’s obviously a transformative power in this book.  (Oprah, are you listening?)  What a wonderful antidote to Network News and other aspects of our current culture, not that your book needs to be an antidote to anything – it’s naturally healing in its own right.


Hello Linda,

Your book has arrived. It is fabulous! So well done and so chock full of loving words and beautiful thoughts. I look forward to getting into it in depth.



Hi Linda,

Oh my gosh! I’ve been reading your book, finally today.

It is the most amazing, heart-warming, fabulous, inspirational piece of art that I have ever, ever read.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing it.

I’ve basically been crying all day.  It touches my heart so deeply.  I just love it!

I look forward to when you share it at Spirit Keepers and I would love to pass it on via facebook with a link to buy it. When I think about who I am going to give it to, so many people keep coming into my mind.

Lots of love,


Linda!  (It finally arrived yesterday, as well as the one I ordered for my mother).

What a treasure!  You have created a tremendous legacy with your “baby” and I can imagine how proud your parents are.  And I’m sure your Mom was so touched by your dedicating to her.  It reads really well!

I can only guess how busy you are now that the book has been launched.  Now the real fun begins with the marketing, signings, talks, etc. — and meeting all sorts of new people (as if you haven’t already!)  This book will open so many new doors for you now that you are an author!  Isn’t that cool.  An author!  One more feather to your incredible headdress.

I’m grateful that I could play a very small part in helping you realize your dream, and I’m looking forward to all the stories.  I can see that you’ve asked for more “stories” — so I’m sure there will be a sequel!

Have fun, ENJOY it all, and let Jay and I know when you’ve planned a signing in Denver, so we can bring our book!


Hi Linda,

Wanted to let you know that I took your book with me when we went to Myrtle Beach recently and read it on the beach.  It was wonderful!  You did a great job putting all those personal stories together in a way that was enjoyable and easy to read.

You are a very good writer.  Your message is very uplifting.  I particularly enjoyed reading the parts where you referenced your family, Stonehill and your time in England.  Those were anecdotes I could personally connect to since I knew you “back when”.


Linda, Yes, I did enjoy reading your book, lots of treasures.

Thank you and love,  Henny

Linda, Well, I’m still feeling a sense of amazement and awe from our chance meeting the other day at 8,300 feet in the Colorado Rockies!

Thank you so very much for your book! I began reading it in the airport on Monday morning and it brought me to tears. It is so beautiful! What a gift for humankind! I’ve written a blog about it on my blog site today, which you can read at: I will be going onto Amazon to write a review as well.

Bravo, Linda, bravo! You should be proud.

Thank you again, Terry (Murray)

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your book. I even like the way it feels – the soft cover. I cried twice in the first nine pages. I am truly enjoying the stories and asking myself some of those questions. Thanks for your words and work. Hope your morning at Spirit Keepers went well. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
Love and blessings,


Aloha Linda,

Thank you for your wonderful report on last Sunday at Spirit Keepers. I thought the morning was very tender and well received by the entire group. Your sharing felt very authentic, as only someone who had struggled with the birth of such a project could share. Your message inspires people and inspiration is part of the new currency by my standards. There is so much depression and hopelessness around.

Rev. Timothy Dobson

Dear Linda,

What an inspirational book full of wonderful stories about wonderful people who make a difference. You are so blessed to have personally encountered these individuals and captured their stories. They are the real “unsung heroes” in our communities who make a difference in the world we live in.

The other day, after reading several of your inspirational stories, I was standing on line in a  food store behind a woman and her children.

The line was long so we struck up a conversation. When she got to the checkout counter, she was short a dollar on her purchase and told the checkout person to put some items back because she did not have the dollar. Her children looked so disappointed.

So I said, here, I will give you the dollar. She said she couldn’t take it…so I said you can pay me back by giving someone else a dollar when they need it. She smiled and took the money.

When it was my time to check out, I was short $.50 which I did not have in exact change and would have to break a dollar. The woman behind me said “here, I’ll give you 50 cents because you gave the lady ahead of you a dollar.

I smiled and said “thank you”, I guess my friend, Linda, is right…love is the new currency!

Thank you most especially for including my story in your book. You captured it, like all the others, beautifully.

I am recommending your book to my friends. I wish you every success with your stories of inspiration.

Hugs, Sophia


How fun to hear from you, especially since I read Love is the New Currency while I was staying at Lenore and AJ’s.  What a beautiful job you did on the book…and I wish you every continued success with it.  Such a good and timely idea…so many positive and loving thoughts spiraling out into our New Earth.

Thank you so much for your wonderful contributions to our world.

I’ll make a mention of your book on my Facebook page in hopes that it will help get the word out.

With delight,

Laurie (author and poet)


This morning I went outside and sat under a tree and started reading your book.  I think my heart is going to burst.  It’s so beautiful. I have to stop and pause and put my hand over my heart and breath.  And I’m only on page 11.  Oh my gosh!  Thanks you so much for giving me the book.  I’m just overjoyed.

Maryann Schwartz

Hi Linda

I really loved your book. Proud to be part of it.

Hope you are having a great summer.


“Linda, you look positively glowing – Love is Blessing all of us through your work.”


I’ve heard so many good things about your book.  A woman told me she picked it up figuring to read one chapter and ended up sitting to read the entire book.  You’ve really done a nice job with it.

We have enjoyed the book.  It’s easy to find inspiration in it.  Nicely done.

Love Jo

Hi Linda,

I can’t believe that it took me so long to email you (I bet you can believe it with my record and all!).  I totally enjoyed “Love is the New Currency”. I read it through right after getting it and seeing you at the signing.  I got the message you were conveying over and over again but I also felt the messages. In the last two weeks (what prompted me to email you finally) was the fact that twice, not just once, I picked up on someone saying paying it forward.

One I read in the newspaper about a tornado volunteer saying “just paying it foward”.  While spending the weekend at the Cape last week at Jimmy’s cousin’s, her sister-in-law said the same thing in her explanation of something that happened to her.

My favorite commercial has become the “Liberty Mutual” commercial where one person sees another doing a good deed for someone and then in turn he does a good turn, etc. (and this goes on five or six times during the commercial).

I have personally become more aware of the small things I can do that would make a difference both in myself and in others. Your individual stories were so very touching. Your research and contacts are quite extensive.

I also looked at the great pictures taken at your signings. Again, I truly am happy that I had the chance to attend your book signing in Southbridge. It was such a special evening. I will never forget it. I will forever try to put “Love is the New Currency” into my daily life and, hopefully, touch someone else who will do the same.

I will be looking for ways in which I can “pay it forward.” Congratulations again on your great accomplishment in the book.


Check out my girlfriend’s book LOVE IS THE NEW CURRENCY.  It’s fabulous.  You will love it.  It’s about ordinary people doing extraordinary things that impact the lives of many.  Dave and I are in there, but that’s not the reason I’m high on it.  As a favor to her I went out with it today (ten copies) and they flew!  It’s the real deal.
love you dearly, madly and uh… always!  shmoopie


This book is GREAT! It is really well written, with a compelling passion that celebrates those who have made connections and encourages readers to find ways to make their own.

Diana Daffner

A friend, Paula, sent a copy of Love Is the New Currency to her 80+ year old mom and got this response:

“Linda’s book is much more engaging than Betty White’s new book!”

Hi Linda,

thank you so much for letting me be a part of your book…….gave me encouragement to write …….been doing it for 5 years….you are amazing and inspiring to many people

continue to wish you all the best on this journey.

hugs, love and peace, Brigitte

Hi Linda,

I was so happy to see all the reviews on your book.  I am sure you are thrilled and happy.  I gave one copy to my girlfriend in NC, who is a survivor of pancreatic cancer.  She was so happy with it and could not put the book down.  It was inspirational to her and she really appreciated it.  You have obviously had a busy summer and hopefully a good one.   We look forward to seeing you at the end of the year.

Love, Jacky

I also wanted you to know that I just finished reading your delightful book! I can tell it was written with heartfelt love and inspiration from those you have come to meet on this planet. Congratulations on a wonderful challenge and a job well done. I am buying copies on Amazon for a few friends that I feel will be inspired by your writings.

Hope life is treating you well!!!!!

Do keep me posted on future plans!

Hugs……Paula W.

Having just finished your book….So wonderful, so beautifully done.  I’m so excited for you and so proud of everything you’ve accomplished with that.  Really a beautiful work of art.


It’s not just a “feel good” book. It inspires you to action.

Peg F.

Love your book Linda, it is beautiful, well written and inspiring.
You have something amazing here. I know it.


I wish you well with your beautiful heart centered work. What a special contribution you are making to our crazy world! Much love,


My friend Linda Commito has put together this beautiful video. I have her book and it is so moving I have to keep pausing in my reading to hold my heart and catch my breath. There is SO MUCH GOOD in the world!!! Remind yourself by getting this book!!!!

Maryann Swartz

“It is just fabulous and VERY INSPIRING and UPLIFTING”.


Dear Linda,

Congratulations again! This is all so well done and full of grace.
I watched the video and you were so poised and genuine.
Fantastic! Really fantastic!

Love, Margaret

Linda’s gift is that she finds poignant examples of the giving in everyday life and eloquently writes about them in ways that coax us to open our eyes and see how we too can help spread the rich Currency of Love.

M. H.

Dear Linda,

You have certainly started the “Ripple Effect”…and I know, it’s not just with me. I can tell it is in your nature…to be giving and kind! I’m so glad people like you come into this world, and offer their gifts and talents to others. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and well written book…I couldn’t help but peruse through most of the chapters, as well as, shed a few tears. As my nine year old says, “Sharing is Caring”. We remember especially this time of year, and hopefully all year, to give from our hearts…and create that continuous ripple! Thanks again Linda…from the bottom of my heart.

Nancy Cortez-Knapp

I love it! I absolutely love it!
I want to promote it as best I can and start a movement because I think it’s just wonderfully precious. I think it’s an absolutely ‘must have’ for everybody.

Well done. Wonderful!

Peta, Unity Church of Srq bookstore buyer


I just want to share with you my deepest reaction to your most wonderful book, to you, to the energy you inspire. In fact, I hardly know the words to write. Perhaps more to the heart of it, your book moves something inside of me that is deep, nearly buried, and was crying to be born…reborn. And this reaction seems unanimous to anyone to whom I even mention the title. Yes, your book reminds us that we are connected and that we have the power to make a difference. But Linda, I think you strike a chord that goes so much deeper. In being reminded of the little light that we all hold, and in reflecting the magnificence that we all are, it is easy to feel love for ourselves and for others. It is the gift of loving that you inspire. I am grateful. There is no greater place, no more prosperous place, no more peaceful place to be than in love.

Your book will serve as a beckon for me. And I am sure this is true for others. This little heart of mine….

Loving you,

Hi Linda,

We received your great card yesterday and just wanted to express our gratitude for the card, as well as selecting us to host your event! It was a fun and inspiring afternoon. We truly appreciated your support!

Also thank you so much for the copy of your book. I have started reading it and find it truly motivational and inspiring!

Thanks so much and hope to see you again soon!

Rock N Soul Cafe