Measure of Happiness

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

-Albert Schweitzer

If you knew that your happiness could positively affect not only your friends and those around you, but their friends … and even friends of friends … would you not want to be contagious for a good cause?

In December 2008,  the findings of a happiness study conducted by Harvard Medical School’s Professor Christakis, and James Fowler of the University of California in San Diego, stated that when individuals are happy it triggers a chain reaction that can affect others up to three degrees, and last for up to a year.  Their study of 5000 individuals over 20 years revealed that “happiness spreads through social networks like an emotional contagion.” Fowler commented: “Having $5000 extra increased a person’s chances of being happy by about 2%,” but he went on to say that someone that you don’t even know [ie. a friend of a friend] “could have a greater influence [on your happiness] than hundreds of dollars in your pocket.”

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Sneak Peek Chapter – Jump Start

Jump Start

Why wait? Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Quit practicing what you are going to do, and just do it.
In one bold stroke you can transform today
– Phillip Markens

Several months ago, I was surprised to learn that my godfather, Uncle Fred, had another godchild, who owned a vintage clothing store in a college town in Massachusetts.

“Would I be interested in selling my prom dress?” my mom asked –  not so subtly trying to clear her attic of the sentimental things stored by her three long grown children.  Seriously?  My sexy prom dress, slit up the sides with hot pants, is now considered VINTAGE? Apparently so.

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Sneak Peek Chapter – Same Cafe

The “pay-as-you-can concept” is a slowly expanding trend led by people like Libby and Brad Birky, who opened their non-profit restaurant in a transitional neighborhood in Denver, Colorado four years ago.  Thanks to their numerous volunteers and patrons, they have been self-sufficient during a time when many restaurants and businesses are failing. Their concept is being emulated by others who envision a world where all may be nourished.

Following is an excerpt from their story:

SAME Café (So All May Eat)

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