Reading Love Is the New Currency gave me chills and resonated deeply with where I’ve been and where I have chosen to go on my own life journey. Linda is spot on in reaching a place in your heart that you cannot deny or move away from. Love Is the New Currency sheds light upon the notion that we don’t need to have super powers to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others.

Cyndi Laurin, Ph.D., author of the best-selling business titles Catch! and The Rudolph Factor

Love Is the New Currency is a heart opening book that quickly reminds us how interconnected we all are and how together WE can right the wrongs of the world. Beautifully written.

Ellen Marie George, Amazon Power Reviewer, author, poet

These are stories of encouragement, hope and inspiration. In Love Is the New Currency Commito has gathered the best of what makes us human and it’s hard not to want to live up to it. A great read for anyone who doubts the power of a kind act.

Susan Richards, New York Times best selling author of Chosen by a Horse

Love Is the New Currency is a must read for anyone who desires to live from their heart. While the stories are deeply touching, they go beyond mere emotion. They inspire you into action. Linda Commito has truly created a treasure that will expand your beliefs about the power of love!

Tom LaRotonda, Author of The Four Elements of an Inspired Life: Accessing Practical Wisdom

Love Is the New Currency is beyond moving. It’s an extraordinary example of ordinary people putting others first. This book will fill you with hope and faith for the human race and inspire you to love more, dare more, and give more.

Andrea Costantine, co-author of How to Bring Your Book to Life This Year

Love Is the New Currency is a powerful testament that each of us has the opportunity to touch other’s lives and make a positive impact on the world. These stories will fill your heart with compassion and inspiration and may spark your own interest in finding a cause that you can embrace to help humanity. Yes, ordinary people can create extraordinary changes in the world through love.

Lisa Shultz, co-author of Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women

Love Is the New Currency made me smile from ear to ear! In the same engaging style as Chicken Soup for the Soul, Linda Commito weaves inspirational stories about people we will never meet who may just change our lives. … In a world choked by financial challenges, Love is the New Currency is a breath of fresh air.

Donna DeNomme, award-winning, internationally published author of Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself and Ophelia’s Oracle

My heart was touched and my soul was moved as I read these wonderful stories that truly capture the essence of the human heart. Love Is the New Currency is an enormously inspirational book that brings out the very best within us. You will be nourished and touched by these moving stories, filled with gentle wisdom that delivers a powerful message.

Frannie Hoffman, author of From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self

Love Is the New Currency contains refreshing perspectives and new insights, and creates boundless inner energy that the reader can feel building page after page. Amidst all the monumental shifts occurring in the world around us, Linda Commito exposes the innate beauty of our humanity and reignites our soul’s ability to radiate it effortlessly every day.  It reminds us how to create that wonderful human ripple effect which is unstoppable once we choose that first splash.

Zen DeBrucke, author of The Smart Soul, co-founder of “Smart Soul Academy”

Linda Commito has struck gold with Love Is the New Currency. This inspiring book shows that when we recognize and celebrate our connection with others, our lives – and our relationships – become rich with abundant health and happiness.

Diana Daffner, author of Tantric Sex for Busy Couples

During challenging economic and personal times, we sometimes forget to look at what’s really important in life.  Love Is the New Currency contains a treasure trove of inspirational stories, reminding us of the wealth we can share through loving acts of kindness.  Linda Commito intuitively recognizes that our lives are filled with golden nuggets of immeasurable value, and tells her inspiring stories with that belief in mind.

Laurel D. Rund,  poet, artist and author of Emerging Voices

In these times of monetary instability, Love Is the New Currency has created a heart-centered exchange rate! Let this book give you hope and faith in the global values of humanity.

Amber Wolf, Phd., writer and recording artist

I am so grateful for the beautiful way that Linda’s Love Is the New Currency encapsulates the inspiring message that authentic love and generosity of spirit bring at this crucial historical juncture in our lives. These stories truly convey what makes up the greatest treasures of this world: love, sweet love.

Susann Taylor Shier, author of Soul Reunion: the Journey Home from Separation