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A Treasure Trove – A Gift!
by Laurel D. Rund – Essence of Laurel

Sometimes you come across someone in life that makes you think ‘they get it’! They walk through life with their heart and eyes open, and recognize things which are blurry to the rest of us. Linda Commito is one of those human beings who not only gets it ~ she has found a way to share her vision through her compelling and beautifully written book “Love is the New Currency”.

Linda’s book contains a treasure trove of inspirational stories which illustrate how ordinary people can meaningfully impact others through acts of loving kindness. Love is the New Currency is filled with a treasure trove of heart warming inspirational true stories which offer the reader the gift of hope. Give yourself or someone you know this book – it is an uplifting `must read’ and a beautiful gift!

So many reasons to buy this book
Linda Maree

Even with all the fearful stories that are out there, and as cynical as I can get, every time I read this book, I feel hopeful! The stories renew my faith in humans as kind, caring, compassionate beings. You can buy the book to feel good; you can buy the book to feel inspired; you can buy the book to feel hopeful. You can buy it to have on hand for a pick-me-up on a bad day. You can buy it to read a story-a-day; to read first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. “Love Is the New Currency” is a handbook for creating a world in which love and caring for our fellow humans is more important than money, power, or any of those other things we think we need.

We need more Linda’s in the WORLD!
By Thomas C. Wentzel Sarasota

Linda’s dedication and perseverance has paid off in her honest and heartfelt stories of common people making impacts on others lives. She spent over two years getting this book right and it is right on. The stories will inspire you to give more of your time back to help others.
Once you start reading the stories of others dedication you will find yourself wanting to give back your time to make this planet a better place to live. You will not be able to set the book down.

I continue to read Love Is the New Currency by Linda Commito; I’m impressed with how easily it flows from one moment to the next, from one story to another. So clearly written and accessible, it moves with an energy that is unmistakably from the heart. I feel uplifted as I read these stories, and I’m sure that’s a common experience of others. There’s obviously a transformative power in this book. (Oprah, are you listening?) What a wonderful antidote to Network News and other aspects of our current culture, not that this book needs to be an antidote to anything – it’s naturally healing in its own right.

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Just What the World Needs Now!
By D#2 “Shanikwa” (Cape Cod, MA)

Wow! With all the negative news, coupled with the challenging global environmental and economic issues,never has anything been more timely to lift the human spirit than “Love Is the New Currency”. This book is not only filled with inspirational stories about normal,everyday people making a difference in their communities and the world-at-large by performing varying degrees of acts of kindness and unselfish generosity, but provides the “shot in the arm” to incite others to follow suit. “Love Is the New Currency” takes you on a “feel good” journey, providing the reader with story after story of examples of how there IS more good in the world than realized and, most importantly, how everyone has the power to turn our planet into the Nirvana that was meant to be.
“Love Is the New Currency” is destined to become a Best Seller and makes the perfect gift to present to those you love. I, for one, am most encouraged and uplifted by this amazing book that is written from the author’s heart. I’m looking forward to the sequel. Brava!

You Don’t Have To Be Wealthy To Be A Philanthropist
By SarasotaSophia

I was brought up to believe that charity begins not only at home, but also in the community. By conventional definition, only wealthy people are considered philanthropists. But every day, many non-wealthy individuals, like those in “Love Is The New Currency” make multi-billion dollars non-cash contributions in spirit, emotions and dedication to countless people in their neighborhoods, their nation and internationally. Linda Commito’s book “Love is the New Currency” captures and shares with us some of these wonderful people and their stories.

“Love Is the New Currency” is well written and uplifting. It is a book that should be read in schools and colleges to prepare our young people for a life of unselfish giving. Ms. Commito is to be congratulated on compiling these stories and sharing them with us. Thanks to her, she has convinced me we are not as jaded as we are portrayed in the media.
Thank you Linda.

Makes you want to do more for others
By Nancy from Massachusetts

This review is from: Love Is the New Currency (Paperback)
Linda’s book is a fabulous way to enjoy several evenings of reading about the good people in the world. I puts a smile on your face instead of a frown. Most of us do not have the means to help out others with expensive or time consuming methods; however, what I loved most about this book were the inexpensive or no money at all ideas for helping each other. We all have a hectic schedule; however, Linda’s ideas for non time consuming ways to help others was a great help. I also made me think about how many more little things I can be doing that will improve my little corner of the world. And if we all improve our little corner and each corner spreads to the next, what a wonderful world it could be. I am challenged and I hope you read this book so you can be challenged to make the world a better place to live in, one person at a time.

By Mary from Massachusetts “Mary” (Bridgewater, MA United States)

Linda is a talented writer and her book provides inspiration — to build a better life. It offers guidance on how we can sustain one another socially and emotionally. It gave me a new way to think about success and failure. I loved it!

A beautiful, uplifitng read…!
By Adie bookreader

Love Is the New Currency… a beautifully written, uplifting book of human experiences sure to make your heart expand. Linda Commito has artfully woven the experiences of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The rippling effect of these ‘do good’ stories will continue for years to come. During and after reading this uplifting book I was left with a bubble over my head… what’s my mission, what type of legacy would I like to leave behind, have I stretched my heart enough in this lifetime, and where is the next opportunity to give of myself.

A beckon for our hearts.
By naturebuff

This book sings a song that we have been longing to hear. It is about the humanity in us all, and our capacity to make a difference in the lives of others with small acts of kindness. Linda Committo has written a most wonderful and inspiring book. In reading this book I found the cobwebs wrapped around my own kindness blew away. Perhaps more to the heart of it, this book moves something inside of me that is deep, nearly buried, and was crying to be born…reborn. And this reaction seems unanimous to anyone to whom I even mention the title. Yes, the book reminds us that we are connected and that we have the power to make a difference. But Linda has struck a chord that goes so much deeper. In being reminded of the little light that we all hold, and in reflecting the magnificence that we all are, it is easy to feel love for ourselves and for others. It is the gift of loving that this book inspires. I am grateful. There is no greater place, no more prosperous place, no more peaceful place to be than in love.

This book will serve as a beckon for me. And I am sure this is true for others.