This short video describes the essence of the book, “Love Is the New Currency”, through the words of the author, Linda Commito. “Love Is the New Currency” inspires us to use our wealth of kindness, hope, generosity, and love to create positive ripples in the lives of others.


Video by: Jessie Williams

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  1. Jane Keil Yoder says:

    What a phenomenal video! Linda reminds us all about the value of kindness and how even the smallest act can have the biggest impact on others. I have Linda’s book and the stories are uplifting, inspiring and life-affirming. Sharing acts of kindness and unconditional love with others are wonderful ways of spreading more light, peace, and joy in the world. Thank you, Linda, for making a huge difference in the lives of others and encouraging us to do the same.

  2. Sue Anne Cinnamon says:

    I was sitting on Siesta Key Beach on a beautiful warm Sunday …I happened to throw 3 books off my bookshelf into my beach bag for something to read while relaxing and enjoying this Georgous day…. Prior to me moving my beach chair close to the waters edge I put my hand into my beach bag and grabbed a book….Much yo my surprise I was holding Love Is The New Currency,immediately A smile came upon my face and I got a warm fuzzy feeling…This book I purchased at Linda Commitos’s book signing at a local bookstore down town Sarasota shortly after the books release..I have read this book numerous times and enjoying it each and every time I have picked it up….I just love this beautiful book ,I even love the playful interesting cover…As I am reading one of the many great stories a young man maybe 16 or 17 years of age stops and says to me…”wow my Mom is reading that same book and she really likes it,It must be a good read.” My response to the youngster was, “yes , it’s awesome ask your Mom if you can read it when she’s done I bet you will like it too.” I had to share this …How about those apples????? Xoxo Sue Anne

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