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Here’s some News! And it’s REAL! “Kindness is alive and well and THRIVING!” We may not always notice because acts of compassion are quietly humble. Any acknowledgement comes from the gratitude that flows from the hearts of those giving or receiving random acts of kindness.

Despite glaring evidence in the news to the contrary, there are grassroots movements, spawned by the deep desire to demonstrate that not only is kindness alive and well, it’s what makes us feel hopeful that we can make a positive difference, hopeful that we can create a kinder, more compassionate world NOW.

Kindness Collaborative

Artwork by Orianna Flores

This longing to set off ripples of kindness into the universe is what has birthed KINDNESS COLLABORATIVE. Its intention is to inspire and promote a kindness consciousness through education and communication about ideas, resources, events and projects dedicated to building a compassionate, cooperative, and inclusive local and world community.

It starts off simply, with daily posts about kind thoughts, actions, and events that individuals are creating, participating in, witnessing or experiencing in their daily lives. The WOW factor will be the growing numbers of people who are becoming actively involved because they care and want to contribute to what is positive and good in our world.

The beauty will be in the contagious effect that it will have, not only on those givers and receivers of kind acts, but on those who may have life-changing experiences because of something that started, days or even months before, by a stranger who simply wanted to say, “You MATTER!”

Please add your voice, ideas, and actions to Kindness Collaborative and set off ripples of kindness wherever you are.

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Kindness Corner

If you do “not do Facebook” or even if you do and want to express yourself another way:
Please stop in at the Kindness Corner to share your comments about KINDNESS.
What are you witnessing, experiencing or doing that makes you feel positive, hopeful or happy?
What is your favorite way to be kind?
How does that make you or others feel?
How has an act of kindness transformed your day . . . or life?

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I can’t walk by someone who is taking a picture of their friends or family without offering to take the photo so that their visual memories will include everyone. It makes me feel good and I know by their smiles that they are happy too. – Marie

Terry, who is eighty-eight years young, loves to visit patients at nursing homes to sing to them with her church group. And anyone who knows Terry will say that she is the best listener….a true comfort to many.

Kay and her “women’s group” built a “Free Library” as a way to share books with the community where they hold their monthly meetings.

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  1. Viv Caputo says:

    Since we have moved to Florida, we have been welcomed by so many new friends. We already feel that this is home, and we are so grateful to be in the company of such thoughtful, caring people.

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