Community Gratitude Journal

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like
wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward 

What are the things, people, or situations in your life, for which you are most grateful?

Would you be willing to contribute to a “Community Gratitude Journal” where we can share our insights to inspire and uplift each other?  If we are stuck on how to find that place of appreciation, we can write or read about other people and the reasons they are finding to be grateful.

Please consider a daily, weekly, or one time entry.  All are appreciated.

Consider creating your own practice of gratitude and make thanks-giving an every day part of your life.

Here are some of my gratitudes:

  • I am grateful to be sharing the holidays in community with old and new friends.
  • I am grateful that my parents are doing well and that after 63 years of marriage they are enjoying each other more than ever.
  • I am grateful for the friends who are open to receiving – allowing me the opportunity to remind them that they are loved and appreciated.

Use the comment box below to share your expressions of gratitude.



  1. I am grateful that the elections are over and that we can have a fresh start – to work together in creating a unified country that is an inspiration in its enlightened leadership.

  2. I am most thankful when I remember to thread together the ordinary things and events that make up my day into a strand of gratitude . . . the tea in my cup, the chair on which I sit, the computer on which I type, the view outside my window, an email from one of my kids, my love smiling across the desk at me, and so much more . . . pearls of great value for which I am deeply grateful.

  3. I am grateful for the dear friends who add so much to my life.

    I am so grateful to my friend, John Norman Tuck, who introduced me to Gail Condrick, and NIA, which has changed my life! NIA is your body’s way of moving, and it has allowed me to be present in my body in a new way, and I am so grateful for this life enhancing practice! It has also widened my circle of friends and opened up new artistic avenues I am loving!

    I am thankful for so much in my life!

  4. Elaine Silver says:

    I am grateful for the gratitude I feel as I intend to tap in every day to its higher vibration. Today I am going to Busch Gardens in Tampa with my sister and 2 nieces. I am so happy and grateful for my family, especially James, Beloved of the Faye, my husband.

  5. Laurel Rund says:

    I am grateful for my extended family, friends and creative spirit.

  6. Marianne Green says:

    I am feeling grateful for all the different places I needed to go today, and EVERYONE was so friendly and pleasant!

  7. Jacqueline Riker says:

    I’m feeling grateful that I live in this beautiful place, that I breathe clean air, have good food, do what I love and hang out with awesome people!

  8. Mary O'Connell says:

    I am very grateful that I live in a country where I can bitch and complain about our elected leaders and nobody comes in the night and carts me away to prison.

  9. Paula Gervasi Kenda says:

    I am thankful for all the people who have touched my life, in the past and the people who are in my life now. They have helped shape my life and make me who I am. I love who I am and I love being able to express my thanks daily!

  10. LInda Commito says:

    I am grateful for the wonderful and powerful experiences of celebrating 12-12-12 yesterday with about 175 to 200 people on the beach and then with a small gathering of women last night, that I facilitated. I am grateful for this opportunity to create and step into a new enhanced way of being in the new year.

    • I am grateful that Linda had the creative insight to put into words the importance of kindness and to point out the ripple effect it has on communities. I am grateful being alive, in this moment, breathing, having all of my senses, and the joy I feel in my heart.

      • I am grateful for you, Tahja, and the beautiful way that you share and express your essence through dancing. What a gift you are to our community.

  11. Joan Asinas says:

    I am thankful for being able to witness Gods cycle of life. On our beach the loggerhead turtle is protected. The procedure is three day after the nest has hatched it is dug up to look for any little hatchlings that didn’t make it. This one evening a volunteered from the Mote Aquarium said ‘Ive found one! In her hand was the tiniest little turtle. We walked to the sea, waited until all the birds had gone( cause they would eat the turtle). The little one was set near the gentle waves. At first the waves kept pushing him back to the shore. All of a sudden he got it and started to swim like crazy with his tiny legs.
    We last saw it when he/she came up for air then disappeared . Everyone standing on the beach said happy birthday little turtle. If it happens to be a female, she will return to our same beach to lay her eggs and continue the ‘ cycle of life’.

    • How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel good just reading about your celebration of the life of this little turtle that you just saved.

  12. Judy Wysnewski says:

    I am grateful to have such good family and friends to surround me in life and that we are able to share a moment of forever together.

  13. I am grateful for………each and every moment……and each and every reminder to be grateful each and every moment.

  14. so very thankful for the gifted “centering process” where good energy and unconditional love are readily available and with spiritual ease to be received by all who seek it. the freedom of this adventure of life is so wonderful and the ability to notice its absence and “recenter” is the xmas gift we live and give away to all we come into contact with. thank you god-universe for the childlike faith that follows and guides me. such grace is daily ours if we see true wealth and are willing to donate it to others. as my daughter boldly stated at age 4 one early xmas morning ” i want my present”!

  15. Mary Boutieller says:

    I am grateful for the continuing lessons and awarenesses that are shaping my life. I am grateful that my heart remains open even when it gets tough. I am grateful for my husband, my family and friends. I am especially grateful for my breath – it keeps me centered, it gives me feedback, and it allows me to experience another day on this wonderful Earth. Namaste’, Mary

  16. Linda Commito says:

    I am grateful to be able to share with students of Alta Vista Elementary their many ways to express their kindness. It has been a fun exploration of what kindness looks like in their lives.

    I am grateful that the “I’m So Lucky” booklets, created by the students of Alta Vista, have arrived TODAY!

  17. Janet Beaumont says:

    I appreciate reading and sharing your book “Love is the New Currency” to my friends which they enjoyed very much. Thank you Linda

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