Love Is the New Currency

Love Is the New Currency – Creating a new measure of wealth

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What does it take to feel hopeful and inspired in uncertain times?

No matter where we turn, we hear stories about how bad it is “out there.” Linda Commito’s Love Is the New Currency is a book about how good it is “in here” ­— inside the circle of love, compassion, and human connection that is created when we open our hearts to each other. Commito has been on a passionate quest for three years to document stories of people who are making positive changes in simple, yet extraordinary ways. In this book, she explores what everyday people are finding hopeful in their lives and what they are doing to create it.

The sixty-six stories in Love is the New Currency call us to envision what’s possible by shifting our perceptions about money, values, and what it truly means to be wealthy. Regardless of circumstances, we can each make a difference in the world as we discover our own currency of love and share it with others. Such wealth can never be taken from us and increases in value the more it is given away. We may find that we are richer than we ever could have imagined.