A Celebration of Love

Why does Valentine’s Day have to be just about romantic connections?  What if it were a day to celebrate love in all of its manifestations? How could we make it more inclusive of everyone rather than focusing solely on a romantic partner?
valentine's day | love is the new currencyValentine’s Day is a great opportunity to acknowledge those we love. My friend Deana calls it a “love holiday.” It’s a wonderful reminder to put more love into our interactions with others, whether they are friends, parents, children, a neighbor, co-worker or someone we just happen to meet. There are many ways to express a heart connection…hugs, smiles, or saying “I love and appreciate you” with more frequency and ease.One of the reasons we love Valentine’s Day is that we all want to be acknowledged and cherished. So instead of focusing solely on that ‘special person’ in our life, or being disappointed that we don’t have one, perhaps we could use this Valentine’s Day to open our hearts wider and express our own unique ways to let others know we care.

Andy, a freshman living in a co-ed college dorm, would secretly leave a single red rose at the door of each of the women in his dormitory on Valentine’s Day morning, making it the first thing they would see to welcome their day.

Although I try to let people in my life know I care, I must admit that I delight in taking it up a notch on Valentine’s Day. For instance, I enjoy creating and sending Valentine cards to my friends and family, especially those who are single. In the past, when I’ve facilitated meetingsvalentine's day | love is the new currency for a group of women business owners, I’d show my appreciation with a beautiful rose, a card, and chocolates on Valentine’s Day.  And one year, two pairs of cozy fleece PJ’s were sent to my mom and to a good friend in the north with warm “Happy Valentine’s Day” messages of love. And I’d even bought a pair for myself!

We don’t need special days set aside to honor those we love.  For instance, my dad frequently buys my mom a bouquet of fresh flowers. Lulu often gives away individually wrapped roses from her flower stand at the farmer’s market to someone who looks like they could use a smile (sometimes me). There’s a lot to be said about such spontaneous gestures of love.

How can we make Valentine’s Day, and every day, a celebration of love?

valentine's day | love is the new currency


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